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Clive Barwell is one of the most experienced and qualified financial planners working in the later life market today, he specialises in advice and guidance for the over 55s. To ask Clive a question, please email him at Alternatively, you can follow Clive on Twitter, connect with Clive on LinkedIn or see Clive's profile on Google+.

Best Funeral Plans: A thoughtful investment

How to cap the cost of your funeral whilst protecting your loved ones from financial stress at the time of a bereavement.

Timeshare a millstone around your neck?

Many Timeshare contracts are ‘in perpetuity’, and will pass onto the next of kin. Fees have to be paid regardless of whether the Timeshare is used or not.

How will you pay for the rising costs of care home fees?

With the average annual cost of paying for nursing home fees already at £39,000, according to recent analysis¹ this could rise to £69,500 by 2035 if current trends continue. This huge increase has been mainly attributed to the implementation of the National Living Wage which rose from £7.20 to £7.50 per hour in April 2017, […]

Have you made a will?

Over a lifetime we spend our time working hard to provide for our loved ones and making a Will ensures that when you die your estate – property, possessions, savings and investments – are shared according to your wishes. A Will is important for everyone but even more so if you have children, own property, […]

Is the Nil Rate Band going to be £1m?

In the summer budget of 2015, the Chancellor announced measures for which the headline was an increase in the Nil Rate Band for Inheritance Tax to £1m, but is this true and, if so, who will benefit?

How can you benefit from releasing cash from your home?

Equity release is the term used to describe a range of financial products which allow people aged 55 or over to access cash that is tied up in their home. The money can be released either as a lump sum, in a number of small amounts, or as a combination of the two. The options […]

Getting Stuck in Grief

All of the emotions we feel about our loss must be expressed and processed if we’re to eventually get on with our lives.

Diamond Divorcees

Whilst overall divorce rates are falling in the UK as a whole, the number of those divorcing who are over 60 is increasingly significant

What to do when someone dies

Unfortunately, whilst coping with the trauma of someone dying, there are some practical things you need to do.  This article deals with the key elements. Registering the death It is a legal requirement that the death is registered as soon as possible, certainly within 5-days in England.  You can find the local Register Office at this […]

Inheritance Tax | A Case Study using income

Written under a simple family trust, the policy proceeds then cost-effectively compensates the beneficiaries for some or all of the IHT on death.

Inheritance Tax, Business Property Relief and specialist BPR products

In Inheritance Tax – Mitigation using Business Property Relief – I introduced both Business Property Relief (BPR) and the concept of this being available to non-entrepreneurs. In this article, I will begin to explore the use of BPR products, which have been put together by specialist Investment Managers to bring BPR relief from IHT to […]

Inheritance Tax, Business Property Relief and AIM shares

All forms of investment carry some degree of risk and whilst I don’t want to understate the risk of investing in shares quoted on the AIM, I will argue that the step-up from investing in shares quoted on the London Stock Exchange is not that great, if fundamental investing principles are followed.

Funding Care Home Fees: The Future

Aspects of the Dilnot Commission are incorporated into the Care Act 2015, including a “cap” on care costs and an increase in the asset threshold. Will this help you? The Government’s “smoke and mirrors” approach to this is exposed!

Will the Council actually pay for your care?

Many people try and shelter their assets in the belief it will mean the Council will pay for their care. Is this a myth?

Eligible Care Needs: What are they?

Underpinning the funding elements of the Care Act 2014 are “Eligible Care Needs”, which are explored in this article.

Deferred Payment Scheme: What is it and how does it work?

In this article I introduce the Deferred Payment Scheme (“Equity Release” offered by the Local Authority in lieu of selling Granny’s home to pay for her care).

What is the right care package for Granny?

If you are needing help with deciding what is the right care package for you or a loved-one this article introduces you to MySupportBroker, who can do all the leg-work for you and probably save you money into the bargain.

Property in the European Union and your Will

Brussels IV is the solution to the forced heirship provisions, which can currently thwart the best laid plans of British Will-makers. However, what many people are not aware of is that the new rules will only benefit those British nationals who have taken appropriate action during their lifetime by drafting a new Will.

The passive approach to investment

That’s the whole story in a nutshell. Investment is really not that complicated. In fact, the more complicated that people make it sound the more you should be sceptical.

What is the right care package for Granny?

When you reach that stage in your life, or the life of a loved one, when you realise that you need help, there is a bewildering array of options available to you. Which one do you choose?

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