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Best Funeral Plans: A thoughtful investment

How to cap the cost of your funeral whilst protecting your loved ones from financial stress at the time of a bereavement.

Timeshare a millstone around your neck?

Many Timeshare contracts are ‘in perpetuity’, and will pass onto the next of kin. Fees have to be paid regardless of whether the Timeshare is used or not.

What is “financial planning”? A case study – the Council House.

I liken the whole process to satellite navigation in the car – I work out where someone is now, where they want to go, plot a course and then keep them on that course, avoiding the financial obstacles en route.

Coping with Loss – Bereavement and Financial Planning

Coping with financial matters is very much part of the grieving process

Diamond Divorcees

Whilst overall divorce rates are falling in the UK as a whole, the number of those divorcing who are over 60 is increasingly significant

Changing your car? Need help?

Here at Yorkshire Prestige Car Brokers we understand that for many people, especially those who are elderly or who have little knowledge of how the motor trade works, changing their car can be a stressful experience.

Yorkshire Move Manager

Moving house is widely accepted as one of the most stressful events people go through. Couple that with leaving a family home of many decades or with deteriorating health needs and this requires a helping hand.

Lock Tight, Sleep Tight

Do you know how effective the locks are on your doors and windows? Do you have any worries or concerns about safety and security at home?

I only ask because I recently had to have a new locks fitted to the doors at my home, and engaged the services of Graham Sharp at Lock Sharp. Graham was prompt, courteous and obviously knows his stuff. He advised me that the lock I currently had was not the most secure and did not contain several of the safety features available on well made, modern locks.

Getting Stuck in Grief

All of the emotions we feel about our loss must be expressed and processed if we’re to eventually get on with our lives.
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