If I need advice, who will provide it?

This site only intends to provide generic information on financial issues relevant to people in the post-retirement sector. If you want specific financial advice, I will respond to your request in my capacity as a salaried Adviser with Wren Sterling Financial Planning Limited (Wren Sterling). Wren Sterling is a national independent financial adviser, authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority,

If you want specific advice in relation to Wills, Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney and other relevant legal matters, I will respond to your request in my capacity as a representative of Private Client Online.

Advice via the telephone and email is available anywhere in the UK, whilst face-to-face advice from me is available within a sensible radius from my home in Leeds (basically the whole of Yorkshire). However, there are other qualified and experienced Wren Sterling Advisers elsewhere in the UK to whom I can refer if you are outside my usual area of operation and require face-to-face advice.