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Funding Care Home Fees: The Future

Aspects of the Dilnot Commission are incorporated into the Care Act 2015, including a "cap" on care costs and an increase in the asset threshold. Will this help you? The Government's "smoke and mirrors" approach to this is exposed!

Eligible Care Needs: What are they?

Underpinning the funding elements of the Care Act 2014 are "Eligible Care Needs", which are explored in this article.

Deferred Payment Scheme: What is it and how does it work?

In this article I introduce the Deferred Payment Scheme ("Equity Release" offered by the Local Authority in lieu of selling Granny's home to pay for her care).

What is the right care package for Granny?

If you are needing help with deciding what is the right care package for you or a loved-one this article introduces you to MySupportBroker, who can do all the leg-work for you and probably save you money into the bargain.

How does Private Client Online charge for its services?

You will be invited to agree to any charges before work commences, but an initial consultation and a subsequent discussion document are at the expense of Wren Sterling (as they pay my salary, expenses, etc.).

Do you prepare Self Assessment Tax Returns and give advice on complex tax matters?

No, whilst a thorough working knowledge of all personal tax rules and regulations is an essential part of my role, neither I nor Wren Sterling, will prepare a Self Assessment Tax Return or give detailed tax advice. Such work will be outsourced to a suitably qualified professional. I am happy to work with existing Accountants […]

Do you prepare Wills, Trusts or Lasting Powers of Attorney?

Yes, in addition to being a salaried employee of Wren Sterling, I am also a representative of Private Client Online. I am a registered Trust & Estate Practitioner with experience in Wills and Trust dating back to 1971. As with all my services, it is home-based, I take my Client’s instructions, Private Client Online prepares the documents and I […]

Do you only provide advice to elderly people?

No, I am a highly experienced financial planner and am able to advise people in all walks of life on every aspect of their financial affairs. However, my areas of expertise are more suited to people who are at or post-retirement, so this is sector I focus on. Generally, I only take on Clients under […]

How will Wren Sterling charge for any advice?

Since 31 December 2012 all independent financial advisers have been required by the Regulator to charge fees for their advice rather than receiving commission from product providers (other than mortgages and life assurance). An initial consultation and a subsequent discussion document are at the expense of Wren Sterling. If, thereafter, regulated financial advice is required, […]

Who is Wren Sterling?

Wren Sterling describe themselves in the following terms: “Wren Sterling is a forward-thinking and confident UK-wide independent financial advisory business, founded in 2007. We navigate our clients through often complex markets that change frequently, by taking the time to understand their unique situation and advise from a completely independent standpoint.In the personal finance market, Wren […]

If I need advice, who will provide it?

This site only intends to provide generic information on financial issues relevant to people in the post-retirement sector. If you want specific financial advice, I will respond to your request in my capacity as a salaried Adviser with Wren Sterling Financial Planning Limited (Wren Sterling). Wren Sterling is a national independent financial adviser, authorised and regulated […]
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