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Best Funeral Plans: A thoughtful investment

How to cap the cost of your funeral whilst protecting your loved ones from financial stress at the time of a bereavement.

How does Private Client Online charge for its services?

You will be invited to agree to any charges before work commences, but an initial consultation and a subsequent discussion document are at the expense of Wren Sterling (as they pay my salary, expenses, etc.).

Acting as an Executor or thinking of appointing one?

Being asked to act as an Executor by a friend or member of the family can be flattering, as it shows they trust you to handle their financial affairs. But remember that by accepting you will have to take on a lot of responsibility.

Protect your children’s inheritance from their subsequent divorce

Will your children’s inheritance finish up in the hands of a son or daughter-in-law you never really liked? Watch this interesting animation.

Protect your children’s future inheritance from bankruptcy

Could your children’s inheritance finish up in the hands of a bankruptcy administrator? Watch this interesting animation.

Generational Inheritance Tax – how to avoid it

Are you passing an Inheritance Tax problem down the generations? Watch this interesting animation.

Protect your children’s inheritance from future care costs

Will all your assets be expended on paying for future long term care so there will be nothing left for your children? Watch this interesting animation.

How to ensure YOUR family receives their inheritance

A common concern is that, following your death, your Partner remarries and your children’s inheritance finishes up with that new family. If this is a concern, watch this animation and then call me to discuss how an updated Will can help allay your fears.

Why use Clive Barwell for Wills, Trusts & Lasting Powers of Attorney?

I have been advising on Wills and Trusts since 1971 and I am a registered Trust & Estate Practitioner.

Wills and inheritance: how changes to the intestacy rules affect you

The laws dividing your assets if you don’t have a Will changed radically on 1 October 2014, although one of the most needed reforms has been put on the back-burner. Whilst partners in a marriage or civil partnership get a much-awaited improvement in their outcome, “common law” partners may be shocked to discover they still […]

What is “financial planning”? A case study – the Council House.

I liken the whole process to satellite navigation in the car – I work out where someone is now, where they want to go, plot a course and then keep them on that course, avoiding the financial obstacles en route.

Dying Matters

You don’t have to be ill or dying to make plans for your future. Here are six things you can do now to make it easier for you and your loved ones at the end of your life.

Should I Give My Home Away to Avoid Care Home Fees?

Giving your home away is an extremely bad idea for a number of reasons. Firstly, when you give your home away, you do exactly that, it is no longer your asset, it belongs to someone else.

Can I use my Will to save Inheritance Tax?

The moral of our three stories here is to regularly review your Will, particularly if it was drafted before 09 October 2007.

Care Home Fees Planning: Wills

For example, if one Spouse is in care and the other is living at home, but then the one living at home dies, all the couple’s wealth will be in the hands of the patient and available to pay for their care. How can this be avoided?

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