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Lasting Powers of Attorney – What are they and do I need one?

Everyone, regardless of age, should have a Lasting Power of Attorney for Property & Financial Affairs (unless you already have a valid and adequate Enduring Power of Attorney) and for Health & Welfare.

Acting as an Attorney or thinking of appointing one?

Without exception, everything you do as an Attorney has to be in the best interests of the Donor.

Why use Clive Barwell for Wills, Trusts & Lasting Powers of Attorney?

I have been advising on Wills and Trusts since 1971 and I am a registered Trust & Estate Practitioner.

I’m an attorney, can I make gifts?

This is the most common question I am asked by attorneys looking after Granny’s financial affairs under an Enduring or Lasting Power of Attorney. The simple answer is, “NO”!

Dying Matters

You don’t have to be ill or dying to make plans for your future. Here are six things you can do now to make it easier for you and your loved ones at the end of your life.

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