Struggling to come to terms with putting a loved-one into care?

A guest blog by Paul Ramsden Dip.Hyp. I.S.C.H. GHR GQHP and EFT Practitioner.

The problem for Granny

Granny has come to a point in their life where they would be better with some extra support to assist their daily living. This situation happens to many people in the UK as demands on families to have both parents in full time employment increase. Granny is 40% more likely to be the one who goes into care according to statistics from Queens University Belfast so from here on in I will refer to Granny rather than both.

Granny has lived in her home for quite some years and it was probably her family home and the place that you grew up in. She has become attached to the four walls that she has lived in and the routines that she has adopted as her daily life. A move to another place where her environment changes and the people around her all change too can feel very stressful for her.

Being a loving son or daughter you want to take that stress away from her so that she can enjoy her time and feel comfortable. Imagine how much happier she will be without the stress and see how she will find it easier to adapt and fit in to her new surroundings.

That is what I can do for her. I can help her to take away the stress from the move, to feel good about where she is, where she looks forward to her time there and making new friends.

The problem for the family

You have come to a point where you have to make a decision about Granny. It could be something that you have wanted to avoid for quite some time. You have done what you can to help but it has come to a point where you are feeling stretched and something has to change. Often people in your situation feel guilty because they feel like they are letting Granny down.

Is that really the case though? By offering Granny a chance to experience life where she has lots of people around her that are of a similar age and the care on offer that she deserves; are you really letting her down? The guilty feeling that comes from making this decision is often something that is part of the grieving process. Did you realise that when Granny goes into care that you can go through the grieving process.

How would it feel to change the feeling of guilt for one that lets you know that you have done the right thing? How would it feel to be able to look at the care home in a different way so that when you are there together you can get on with enjoying your time together instead of feeling bad? What would it look like for you to be able to visit and feel happy so that Granny can feel happy too?

That is what Paul can do for you. He can help to take away the stress that comes with the decision you need to make.

Paul can be contacted via his website.

If you need help with funding Granny’s care, then contact me using the form below, so I can help you consider all the options.

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