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Blog | Monthly Archives: September 2012

Care Home Fees and Dementia

Not all elderly care homes are equipped to provide specialist care for Dementia and all its various guises. Patients diagnosed with Dementia need specialist nursing care and these specialist homes, often called EMI Homes (Elderly Mental Infirm), will have Patient care under the professional support of a Registered Mental Nurse.

Average Care Home Fees

The three main drivers of care costs – location, location, location! Use the following blog post to check average care home fees in your area.

Care Home Fees: 12 Week Disregard

If someone permanently enters residential care, owning their own home and they are subject to means-testing, their home is disregarded for the first 12-weeks. What “disregard” means in this context is quite literal – for the purposes of means-testing the home does not exist for those first 12-weeks. All other qualifying assets will be taken into account, but not your home.

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