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Blog | Monthly Archives: April 2012

Avoid Care Home Fees: Deliberate Deprivation

There are more myths about Deliberate Deprivation and Care Fees Planning than any other. I often hear mention of various “rules” relating to time-scales since action was taken, but the reality is there are none.

Trusts to Avoid Care Home Fees

Asset Protection Trusts The Internet is infested with websites proclaiming guaranteed routes to excluding assets from means-testing and my opinion is that these are, at best, disingenuous.  Be wary of trusts to avoid care home fees. Why Asset Protection Trusts are not a good way to avoid care home fees. Many of the schemes are […]

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Paying for Care: Impaired Life Annuities

Paying for Care and Means-Testing: A Case Study In other articles, I have examined the rules and regulations surrounding means-testing and the legitimate steps an individual can take to protect some of their assets.  Now, in this section, I’ll examine the options available when someone is entering care as a self-funder and is faced with […]

Care Home Fees Who Pays?

Understandably, families who are watching their inheritance disappear whilst an elderly relative is paying for care home fees are keen to put the burden on the NHS and reclaim care home fees wherever possible.

Paying for Care Home Fees

Between the upper and lower capital limits the tariff income applied is £1 per week for every £250 the capital exceeds the lower limit. This is equivalent to a guaranteed return on that capital of 20.8% per annum net of charges and taxes. Mission impossible!

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